Why won’t my computer turn on?

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There are many reasons why a computer will not turn on. There are different things to look for if you are running a desktop or laptop computer system. Desktop Computers If you are running a desktop computer, make sure that you have checked the connection to your power source. Is the power cord connected to … Read more

Will you be able to install the latest version of Windows 10? 

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If your computer has 32GB of storage or less Microsoft has confirmed that your computer will not be able to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 build 1903 when it is available.  The prior Windows 10 build 1809 should be able to install but you will still need 5GB or more of free space … Read more

Why should you use a solid state drive (SSD)?

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Traditional hard disk storage devices in a computer are made of moving parts that can be damaged and will eventually fail.  Signs of a failing hard drive include clicking noises, grinding sounds, hissing, loss of power, etc.  Traditional hard drives are prone to slowing down as they age and are a major cause of overall … Read more