58 Instruments that Made Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Songs of All Time

The 58 instruments in this graphic go beyond the expected. From the swarmandal The Beatles used in “Strawberry Fields Forever” to the castanets in The Ronettes’, “Be My Baby,” and mouth harp in The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations,” these classic songs tap into more than the typical standby sounds.

20 Ways You can Help Your Child in Music Education

20 Ways to Help Your Child with Music Education 1. Celebrate their decision to bring music into their life and participate in a school music program. 2. Read the literature brought home from school and determine what is required to get started. 3. If there is an open house or parent meeting, plan to attend … Read more

Music Gifts

NOTE: When you go to a music instrument shop and start asking questions, if the person to whom you are talking is knowledgeable and helpful, then you’re in the right place. If they don’t seem to know the answers or talk too much without really listening to you, chances are you’re in the wrong place!

Educational Guitar Rental Package

A couple of months ago Evan Ziegler, who teaches music at Vineyards Elementary School in Collier County, asked me if we had ever thought about renting guitars for kids who are enrolled in guitar class at school. I told him that we had talked about it for a long time but had not yet put a guitar rental program together. With Evan’s support and encouragement, we now have a new Educational Guitar Package specifically for elementary school students. You can learn more about this program here.

Before Registering for Lessons…

Going to a professional music studio or academy is better than having a tutor come to your home. This is undoubtedly an argumentative statement and in-home tutors will probably disagree. But I can give you a few compelling reasons for my statement.