Wireless Understanding

Wireless Understanding - Lucas Marketing & Tech Services

FORT MYERS COMPUTER REPAIR Wireless communication is all around us.  This communication platform can be found in sophisticated devices such as a smartphone or satellite array.  It is also found in IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as smartwatches and even in modern children’s toys.  It’s available in televisions, automobiles, kitchen appliances, and entertainment devices.  Wireless … Read more

Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly

Even before this big change with Google’s algorithm, mobile was gaining massively and this trend is continuing. About a year ago we were saying that 53% of all business searches were done from a mobile device. That number has continued to climb since then and will continue to do so. Almost everyone has a smartphone. iPads and other tablets are everywhere.

Professional Pest Control for SW Florida

Bugs or Us, Inc. I am happy to introduce my newest client, Bugs or Us, Inc. in Fort Myers! Jack, one of the owners contacted a local computer repair company where my son Scott is a senior technician. While in the process of getting some PCs fixed, Jack asked my son if he knew of … Read more