Music Gifts

Finding a Gift for a Musician or Student

For the holiday season or for any occasion, you can find great gifts that the musician or music student on your list will love to receive. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject along with some specific suggestions.

Buy Local

If you’re purchasing a musical instrument, buy it from your local music shop and not online. The only exception to this would be beginner’s electronic keyboard and/or musical Apps and software. When shopping for a guitar, violin, banjo, saxophone, clarinet and any other instrument, you really need to buy it from a dealer in your area. Why? Musical instrument dealers can offer expert assistance about how to properly care for your new instrument and they can help you with your questions and any repair needs that come up after the sale. You’ll get good or better quality instruments when buying local and even more importantly, you’ll get great service.

NOTE: When you go to a music instrument shop and start asking questions, if the person to whom you are talking is knowledgeable and helpful, then you’re in the right place. If they don’t seem to know the answers or talk too much without really listening to you, chances are you’re in the wrong place!

Fort Myers, FL Area:

Buy Gift Certificates or Gift Cards for Musical Instruments

For experienced guitar players, violin or other stringed instruments players, consider purchasing a gift certificate. If the student or musician has been playing for several years chances are they have developed some strong personal preferences about their instrument. This way your musician can come in to the shop and pick out an instrument that suits his/her particular needs and taste. Gift certificates are also great if you’re buying for a music lover who does not live near you.

If you live in the Fort Myers Florida area, you find great musical gifts at Mr Music on Metro Pkwy.

Should you pay extra for a warranty?

Most, if not all new musical instruments come with a good manufacturer’s warranty. If the dealer is wanting to sell you a warranty, be careful. This is personal decision for you, but in my opinion it’s not necessary to pay extra for a warranty that should already be included in the purchase price. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about this and shop around!

Gift Ideas for Musicians and Music Students

All Musicians

  • private lessons
  • gift certificates
  • song books
  • lesson and supplemental books
  • music stand

Guitar Player

  • guitar
  • strap
  • capo
  • string sets
  • private lessons
  • guitar stand
  • music stand
  • picks
  • pick holder
  • guitar cable
  • amplifier
  • song book
  • gift certificate

Pianist or Piano Student

  • song book
  • full size digital console piano

Vocalist / Singer

  • microphone
  • wireless mic
  • mic stand

Drummer / Percussionist / Drum Student

  • drum sticks
  • drum brushes
  • drum set
  • practice pad
  • lesson book

Brass / Woodwind Player

  • maintenance kit
  • valve oil
  • slide oil
  • tuning slide grease
  • cork grease
  • reeds

Violin / Viola / Cello Musicians & Students

  • strings
  • bow
  • rosin
  • shoulder rest

What music gift ideas can you think of? Add your comments below!